Thursday, September 27, 2012

Barfi and Life

So Recently I saw this famous over-hyped film Barfi.
The film is simple yet there is something strange when the love is considered.
The film says that its fair to love someone until its gone and then love someone else.
and again Ileana loves him back even though Barfi has no love for her.
Strangely Crazy. We can feel the type of love here. But whatever the love is pure without any intimacy.

In Real life, A mute and dumb is always ignored in todays life. The lack of speech always pulls us back. But who knows silence is golden and we can express a million feelings just by being mute.

What do you have to say?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Return Back from the mess

Ever since I fear for something or sad of something I feel like losing faith on myself and try to be lazy,sleepy. Then I comeback,I change my routines. I listen to cheering-up songs. I read inspiring quotes. I believe in a changed routine. Trying hard to change my laziness and adapt something to good,something constructive. something which would make me feel happy.I then see myself in the mirror and smile at it. Its just a mirror,but it gives me confidence. Its what I am.

There are many things which you can be happy in this life. Just think of what your life should be. Believe in yourself that its achievable by you. Then start working on it. Off course you get bored of it. You feel that its the same damn thing again. But then try to make it perfectly. Master it.

Do you feel your life is in a mess?? Then just follow one thing.Do something good and constructive to you.
Return Back.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life of an Honest Dog -Puppy

I am a dog lover,more than a cat lover.So writing this post as a sign of respect to this great dog .
So this dog was one of the most honest dog i have seen, at least in our house. It however had a tough life chasing extraterrestrial dogs out of our farm. It would scare the shit out of any other dog which tried to showoff in our territory. No matter how much it is tired, it will still walk with us anywhere anytime.

It was poisoned 3 times by some bastards who were jealous of its ruling in his own territory-May be thief's..

But still it survived.

Then a stone was thrown to it by some bastard.. paralyzing one hand completely.Still this great dog does everything to protect its territory with its only 3 limbs.

#Respect to this Dog#.

There may be many story like this in your life too. But this is what I know so posted this.

Comparing its life to Humans=== To be honest is tough and risky, but its worth lived.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A True Story

A true story:
He lived his life. He saw his Mom's broken head . He saw that his mom's body is then fully covered by blood. He then couldn't do anything. He was just a child and there is no one who can support her. No telephone that time and it happened in the middle of the night. He and his mom carrying all the wound had to walk 1km to the neighbor's house.He got his mom's head stitched in the hospital.His mom recovered.

Wondered if you have faced this difficulty.
Thank god for giving us happiness.

~~Prakhyath Rai N~~

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Serene Bangalore Evening

So Then I reached to a serene place, Top of my office rooftop I saw the whole view of Bangalore. I realized Bangalore has got a serene life too.. Life which can cool you down.. Well there are many people who hate Bangalore for its traffic population etc. But that counts too.
Your city grows Big people. Very Big

Image below from my office rooftop taken in my Samsung Omnia (5MP) Mobile Camera.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bangalore Autowalas

Mixed breed of people. Some are nice. Some are the worst.

My experiences: 
I got down from the bus in Jayanagar 4th block and wanted to go to  Jayanagar  1st block. I asked how much (i know its minimum).. He just said "150 rs. nivu 120 kodi" . I said "no, i will find other" he said "tell me ,how much you will give sir", I said "20rs" and thats it.
He was just screaming these words "Jaynagara 1st block alwa ..nodkoltini..nanna mane alle ide...nodkoltini" .. I said "hogi ninna hendtiyannu nodko" :P 
and just walked down fast :P

But again I had seen some autowalas who are really really good. feel like giving them extra 10 bucks.
One of the experience when the autowala was so quick to reach my destination where the bus is waiting for me to native and he didn't even charge a single extra paisa.

But I again.I think the majority of you should have faced the bad face.There are hardly some good faces in Bangalore :P

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Girl and Agyrophobia –The fear of crossing the road

Well today morning,I saw a girl who was trying to cross the road. Heavy traffic indeed.
Well she was really struggling to cross the road but somehow she managed to do the first part of her crossing..but then she had to cross one more road on her left where my vehicle had to go.
A huge scary bus behind my bike and as it is a slow moving traffic what I could see from the girls eyes are tears and that's it. I gave a hand signal that I am stopping my bike the bus behind suddenly applied the brake. and I told this girl to "run and cross" she did it very quickly. and that's it.. she was happy.. not that she gave me a smile back. But i smiled myself that I did something for a good morning :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Coffee Day Blogging

So Coffee day blogging is good.
My First time Coffee day blogging  and i am feeling good. people gone crazy here.. busy chitchatting.. soft music... rains outside.. and Mangalore indeed .. what more I need?