Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This struggle seems to be apparently dissapeared from our minds concentrating on our workload at office as well as at home. We have lots and lots of things to do. I am blogging this in the middle of the night. Right at the time when Indians thought thier future is safe 65 years ago. But are we really safe?? In this last decade we saw many things coming like mumbai religious killing,mumbai terror killing,godhra incident,Ayodhya attack,........ Well kasab is definitly more safer than we are. Who knows next moment i may fall into a deep potholes in the middle of the road apparently trying to thing which is the real road in bangalore. Just kidding. Well. We all live in a dirty india where each year corruption ,unemployment and population grows. Thats all. But lets hope some miracle happens and that makes India a better place to live. JAI HIND.HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY