Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vishwaroopam: Totally Acceptable

So I had a chance to watch this movie(uncut version) recently and all I can tell you is this movie is totally acceptable.
There is no way it portrays gray lights on the Muslim community. For e.g. In Afghanistan, you get hanged in public if you do something against the will of nation right? 
Children's play in real gun when they should play in gun toys at a very small age. So what ever the movie displays is what happens in the real plot.

Overall what i could feel from the whole movie is that, This is a sheer bad luck that the actor like Kamal Hassan is treated badly by some communities. He did a fantastic acting in this movie with surprising stunts at unpredictable circumstances.

My recommendation is go, watch this movie. some parts violence is too much,but that's ok. You can definitely watch an awesome movie