Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bangalore Autowalas

Mixed breed of people. Some are nice. Some are the worst.

My experiences: 
I got down from the bus in Jayanagar 4th block and wanted to go to  Jayanagar  1st block. I asked how much (i know its minimum).. He just said "150 rs. nivu 120 kodi" . I said "no, i will find other" he said "tell me ,how much you will give sir", I said "20rs" and thats it.
He was just screaming these words "Jaynagara 1st block alwa ..nodkoltini..nanna mane alle ide...nodkoltini" .. I said "hogi ninna hendtiyannu nodko" :P 
and just walked down fast :P

But again I had seen some autowalas who are really really good. feel like giving them extra 10 bucks.
One of the experience when the autowala was so quick to reach my destination where the bus is waiting for me to native and he didn't even charge a single extra paisa.

But I again.I think the majority of you should have faced the bad face.There are hardly some good faces in Bangalore :P