Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life of an Honest Dog -Puppy

I am a dog lover,more than a cat lover.So writing this post as a sign of respect to this great dog .
So this dog was one of the most honest dog i have seen, at least in our house. It however had a tough life chasing extraterrestrial dogs out of our farm. It would scare the shit out of any other dog which tried to showoff in our territory. No matter how much it is tired, it will still walk with us anywhere anytime.

It was poisoned 3 times by some bastards who were jealous of its ruling in his own territory-May be thief's..

But still it survived.

Then a stone was thrown to it by some bastard.. paralyzing one hand completely.Still this great dog does everything to protect its territory with its only 3 limbs.

#Respect to this Dog#.

There may be many story like this in your life too. But this is what I know so posted this.

Comparing its life to Humans=== To be honest is tough and risky, but its worth lived.